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Frankie Boyle to host US election special on iPlayer

Comedian will be joined by Katherine Ryan and Sara Pascoe

Published: Thursday, 20th October 2016 at 12:04 pm

Every night the dream's the same. I'm on a hill above the city. It's a nice day, children and couples enjoying each others' company. But then the wind changes. The laughter stops, the sky turns red and the world catches fire. The life we knew is blasted into shadow.


And there, right at the centre of the maelstrom, is Frankie Boyle.

And he's laughing.

Hey look, the comedian's presenting a show on the US election.

Oh. Oh no.

American Autopsy will feature Boyle, Sara Pascoe and Katherine Ryan going over the Trump vs Clinton fight. Strangely, it will first be released BBC iPlayer at 9pm on Monday 14th November, with a broadcast later in the week on BBC Two.

That's after the votes will have been counted, so presumably the plan is just to kick around in the ashes. Boyle hosted a similar show in the wake of the UK's General Election.

“So great to be able to get the band back together with the brilliant Sara Pascoe and Katherine Ryan," Boyle said. "We look forward to broadcasting what may, depending on the result, be one of the final comedy shows before a full scale nuclear war."


Please Frankie, don't tempt fate.


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