Father Ted creator delivers 1930s BBC-based sitcom starring Robert Bathurst and Vicky McClure

Arthur Mathews’s The Golden Age will offer a humorous portrayal of life in Broadcasting House during the genesis of the Corporation

Radio 4 listeners are to be treated to a new sitcom penned by Father Ted co-creator Arthur Mathews.


The Golden Age is a three-part comedy set in Broadcasting House during the 1930s, at the very beginning of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The show will focus on the relationship between the BBC’s fictional Director of Programmes, played by Downton Abbey’s Robert Bathurst, and his assistant Mabel (Vicky McClure), as they attempt to keep the Corporation moving in the right direction.

Scottish comic, Ford Kiernan, will also feature in the programme as the legendary Lord Reith, the very first Director-General of the BBC. 

Mathews is perhaps best known for co-creating and writing sublime Irish ecclesiastical comedy Father Ted alongside Graham Linehan. He has also worked on a number of other well-loved comedies including The Fast Show, Harry Enfield and Chums, Brass Eye and Big Train. 


The Golden Age is expected to air on Radio 4 later this year.