Family Guy: season’s greetings from the Griffins and Fox execs – video

Watch a video Christmas card starring the animated family and their bosses

The Griffin family get a Christmas visit from their bosses, Twentieth Century Fox chairs Dana Walden and Gary Newman, in this video – and Peter manages to offend both executives within seconds.


He just can’t believe that Walden isn’t Newman’s secretary and completely misconstrues what the pair mean when they describe themselves as “partners”…

Also, in less than two minutes, the clip manages to work in insider gags about Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s failed Flintstones reboot, the uncertain future of The Cleveland Show and Family Guy’s chequered history with Fox.

Heck, it even squeezes in a plug for Newman’s family winery:

This is the fourth festive video card that Fox has released in as many years, Walden and Newman having spent the last three Christmases in the company of the casts of Modern Family, Glee and Sons of Anarchy.


Family Guy celebrated its 200th episode in November and is currently mid-way through its eleventh series in the States.