Family Guy: Stewie and Brian meddle with time in episode 200 – video

See a clip from Seth MacFarlane's animated adventure as the comedy celebrates its double century with the cryptically titled episode "Yug Ylimaf"

Family Guy’s malevolent infant Stewie and martini-supping dog Brian are meddling with the very fabric of time itself in the animated sitcom’s 200th episode, which you can get a sneak peek of below.


In the cryptically-titled episode “Yug Ylimaf” (hint: read it from right to left), which will air in the States this Sunday, Brian takes possession of a time machine which Stewie has invented and hidden in his bedroom closet.

But rather than doing anything especially noble with the device, Brian uses it to impress ladies dismissed by Stewie as “bar skanks”.

During one of his booze-sodden conquests Brian accidentally uses the machine to reverse the flow of time, throwing causality into disarray. (Yes, it’s been done before in Red Dwarf but, as Christopher Booker pointed out, there are only really seven basic plots in fiction – and one of them involves time going backwards.)

Will Brian be able to undo his mistake before Stewie gets “un-born”? Will Stewie ever be able to forgive his canine chum? And will either of them ever be the same again after a heavy session of reverse-vomiting…?


Seth MacFarlane’s rude ‘n’ crude animated sitcom is now in its eleventh season and still attracts audiences of 6m+ viewers per episode in the States.