It's good news for fans of Family Guy as seasons one-18 are making their way to Disney+ as part of the new Disney+ Star content added to the service from 23rd February.


That is every single episode made with the exception of the latest season that is currently airing. We expect that it too will arrive soon, much like season 32 of The Simpsons.

But if you are new to Family Guy and want a bit of a refresher ahead of Star launching, we thought it could help to have a who's who guide for the major characters so you can get yourself ready for its arrival.

The Griffin Family

Peter Griffin


Voiced by Seth MacFarlane

The head of the family, although he probably shouldn't be, Peter is ever the dreamer and knows more than anyone how to get into an awkward situation. He loves his family and would do anything for them - but he'll likely get them into more trouble when he ties to help.

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Lois Griffin


Voiced by Alex Borstein

On the outside, Lois appears to be the perfect housewife and a lot more together than her husband. But as the show develops, we have seen more sides to her and in some ways, she is just as much of a liability as Peter.

Chris Griffin


Voiced by Seth Green

Chris may not be the sharpest tool in the box, but what he lacks in brains he more than makes up for with heart. Being a teenager, Chris goes through all the things you would expect him to from acne to bullies, but he does so in a typically heightened Family Guy fashion.

Meg Griffin

meg griffin

Voiced by Mila Kunis

Poor old Meg is the butt of the family jokes and has the most miserable time out of the Griffin clan. Her full first name is actually Megatron thanks to Peter and she is not only a keen bowler, but she has an uncanny ability to do perfect bird calls.

Stewie Griffin

stewie griffin

Voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Stewie is a baby that can talk, but few people can hear him with Brian the dog being the only family member he can generally communicate with. Despite being an infant, Stewie is quite the inventor and he has found the secret to time travel amongst other things. He also has flashes of evil and delusions of taking over the world - standard baby stuff.

Brian Griffin

brian griffin

Voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Brian is the well-spoken voice of reason in the family and it says a lot as it comes from the dog. He likes to think of himself as an intellectual type and one that is slightly above the class that he is in living with the Griffin family. The character was killed off briefly and a new dog came into the show but he wasn't gone for long as Stewie was able to save him through time travel.

The rest of Spooner Street

Glenn Quagmire

glenn quagmire

Voiced by Seth MacFarlane

One of the more popular side characters to the audience is Quagmire - a man who, after a failed relationship, struggled to move on and instead decided that he just wanted to have relations with as many women as possible. He also has a real dislike for Brian for multiple different reasons.

Cleveland Brown

cleveland brown

Originally voiced by Mike Henry. Arif Zahir has recently taken over the role.

Another friend of Peter's, Cleveland actually moved away for a spell when the character and his family were given their own spin-off, The Cleveland Show (all four seasons will also be on Disney+ Star). He returned after that show ended and he still gets on well with Quagmire despite the Brown marriage ending thanks to her hooking up with him.

Joseph "Joe" Swanson

joe swanson

Voiced by Patrick Warburton

Never letting his disability beat him, Joe is always determined to be the best he can be and he remains an integral member of the police force who is still able to chase criminals down. As for how he was paralysed, there are several different versions of the story and there will likely be more to come - so we may never truly know how it happened.

Bonnie Swanson


Voiced by Jennifer Tilly

The calming influence in the Swanson household, Bonnie often tries to make sure her husband does not cross the line but the marriage has had numerous problems - she did shoot him once. Bonnie was pregnant for 116 episodes and has admitted that she put her life on hold for Joe - leading to a kiss with Brian.

Mort Goldman


Voiced by John G. Brennan

Mort runs Goldman's Pharmacy and has quite the tragic backstory with his wife, Muriel, being killed off after being in the show for quite a while. He has a son, Neil, and the characters became much more prominent when someone was needed to fill the gap left by Cleveland when he went off to his own show. Despite Cleveland returning, Mort is still a prominent fixture.

John Herbert


If there is one character in Quahog that you would want to stay away from, it's the creepy Herbert. The former United States Army Veteran has a fixation with Chris and is also the eldest member of the Skull and Bones secret society.

Voiced by Mike Henry

The best of the rest

Thomas "Tom" Tucker and Diane Simmons

tom diane family guy

Voiced by Seth MacFarlane and Lori Alan

The news anchor duo that were frequently seen reporting on local events originally got on well, maybe too well, but over the years the relationship deteriorated and the pair did not get on at all - making little secret of the fact when they were both on air. Well, that was the case anyway as while Tom is still going, Diane was killed off after being revealed as the murderer of James Woods.

Mayor Adam West

mayor adam west

Voiced by Adam West

A former character now after the death of the real Adam West but a major player in most of the shows run to date, Mayor Adam West died off-screen and the local High School was considered to be named after him. His cousin has since joined the show and is voiced by Sam Neill.


bruce family guy

Voiced by Mike Henry

Despite being around almost since the show began, Bruce only really became a prominent player when the show returned from cancellation in season four. Bruce is best known for his multitude of jobs having been, to name just a few, a horror novelty shop manager, a CPR teacher, a medium and a lawyer.


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