What time is Judge Romesh on TV?


The comedy was on Wednesdays on Dave, 10pm

What’s it about?

You know Judge Rinder? Well, Judge Romesh will follow the same format. Asian Provocateur star Romesh Ranganathan holds court over real-life disputes, casting his trademark acerbic wit over each.

In the first episode, Romesh presides over the case of a husband whose horrendous bargain hunting addiction is becoming detrimental to his family.

Will there be any supporting comedians?

Yes. Each episode will see Romesh joined in court by comedians Tom Davis (who doubles as a bailiff) and Kerry Howard (the comedy court clerk).

Will there be any special guests?

Yes, we can expect a few celebrity cases such as…

  • Happy Mondays stars Shaun Ryder v Mark "Bez" Berry (they have an argument about money owed)
  • Blue singers Antony Costa vs Duncan James (Duncan still has Antony’s Brit award)
  • X Factor contestants Stevi Ritchie vs Chloe Jasmine (he keeps wearing her underwear)