Netflix's Everything Now has landed, starring Sophie Wilde (You Don't Know Me) as 16-year-old Mia Polanco.


The series revolves around Mia's efforts to catch up on important teenage milestones following her release from hospital after a difficult battle with an eating disorder.

While Mia is very much the focus of the new comedy-drama, the trials and tribulations of her family and core friends are also spotlighted in the series, leading to a dramatic finale that paved the way for a second season.

In an interview with, executive producer Sian McWilliams said that expanding of Mia's network was the "biggest evolution" the script underwent.

And the team worked tirelessly to battle the misconceptions surrounding eating disorders, with McWilliams adding: "That was a constant conversation, and I think a lot of us that were drawn to make the show had our own experiences, but even having experienced it ourselves, we still obviously felt a huge duty of care and worked with various different experts by experience, people who are activists, people that have gone through the experience themselves and now speak about it."

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So, are there plans to revisit Mia and co? Read on for everything you need to know about Everything Now season 2.

Will there be an Everything Now been season 2?

There's currently no word on the future of Everything Now, but there's plenty more plot to explore (more on that later), so fingers crossed it gets the thumbs up.

The first 28 days following a title's release is crucial. If enough people tune in during that period, a follow-up is highly likely.

Everything Now season 2 release date speculation: When could it air?

Your guess is as good as ours, but we wouldn't expect it to arrive until mid-late 2024 if it is recommissioned.

Everything Now season 2 potential cast: Who could return?

Will, Mia, Becca and Cam all sat next to one another in a hospital waiting room, leaning on each other, with dejected expressions on their faces. Mia is holding a pink balloon
Noah Thomas as Will, Sophie Wilde as Mia, Lauryn Ajufo as Becca and Harry Cadby as Cameron in Everything Now. Left Bank / Netflix

We'd expect Sophie Wilde to return as Mia, alongside the following:

  • Lauryn Ajufo as Becca
  • Noah Thomas as Will
  • Harry Cadby as Cameron
  • Niamh McCormack as Alison
  • Jessie Mae Alonzo as Carli
  • Robert Akodoto as Theo
  • Sam Reuben as Alex
  • Alex Hassell as Rick
  • Vivienne Acheampong as Viv
  • Stephen Fry as Dr Nell

There are also numerous supporting players, and the potential for some new faces, too.

Everything Now season 2 plot: What could happen?

Mia and Carli standing in the school assembly hall, looking towards the stage
Sophie Wilde as Mia and Jessie Mae Alonzo as Carli in Everything Now. Left Bank / Netflix


There are plenty of plot threads left hanging following the season 1 finale.

Mia suffered a relapse, but crucially she decided to ask for help and voice how she's really feeling, which shows just how far she's come, even if it doesn't always feel that way.

As for her love life, Mia and Carli, while making their feelings known to one another (in turn breaking Alison's heart), have put a pin in things so that Mia can fully concentrate on her recovery, and Carli is spared the ordeal of being "just another fix" to someone. But will they be able to resist one another?

Elsewhere, Becca ended her relationship with Jonah, which leaves the door open for Cam. Like Mia, they both have their own issues and hang-ups to work through, which impacted on their situationship last time. But can they begin anew? An should they?

Will was also working through his complicated feelings about what he wants in a partner. He hasn't felt ready to take the next step and lose his virginity – and perhaps sex isn't something he wants to explore at all.

It remains to be seen if Theo is the right fit, or if there's someone else better suited to him and his needs.

Then there's Viv and Rick, Mia and Alex's parents, who are navigating a new chapter following their separation. Alex has moved on with the mother of one of the patients at the facility Mia attended – which she doesn't yet know, but will definitely hate and find difficult to accept.

Here's hoping season 2 is confirmed so all of that, and more, can be addressed.

Everything Now is available to watch on Netflix. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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