The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin star Ellie White hopes the show can capture the same all-ages appeal as BBC One's recent juggernaut hit Ghosts.


The Apple TV+ series stars Noel Fielding as a comical version of the infamous highwayman, who is a much kinder and gentler soul than the historical figure probably was.

He unintentionally becomes the leader of a gang of misfits and sets about building their reputation in the carriage robbing scene, which is dominated by all-round tough guy Leslie Duvall (Greg Davies).

In an interview with and other press, Dick Turpin co-star Ellie White (Wonka) praised the show for being fun to the core, side-stepping dramatic elements in favour of rapid-fire gags.

"It's broad and silly, but also it feels like it has little kind of niche eccentricities as well, which, to me, always sums up British comedy," she began.

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There are comparisons to be drawn between Dick Turpin and Ghosts, with both incorporating fantasy themes and period settings, as well as wordplay and physical humour in their comedic style.

White continued: "I think Ghosts is such a lovely, funny show that can be enjoyed by so many different age groups and different types of people. And hopefully this can as well."

Dick Turpin (Noel Fielding) and his gang standing in a line, in costume, and looking at the camera
(L-R) Ellie White, Noel Fielding, Marc Wootton and Duayne Boachie. Apple TV+

Co-star Duayne Boachie, who is known for more dramatic roles roles in Hollyoaks, Blue Story and BBC One's You Don't Know Me, agreed that Dick Turpin is hoped to delight viewers of any age.

At a press conference, he explained: "What I really enjoyed is the fact that it's a family show. It's easy to digest and it can be taken from all different ages – your mum, your grandad, your son, your sister, your uncle – there’s a nice feeling to the show.

"And I like the underlying feeling of love. It’s like so many different misfits, rogues, highwaymen, different personalities, but there's a family feeling with the cast."

Meanwhile, star Fielding has likened the show to Monty Python's style of comedy, which has been seldom seen on mainstream television in recent years as commissioners have shifted attention to more realistic fare.

The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin premieres globally with the first two episodes on Friday 1st March 2024, followed by new episodes weekly, every Friday exclusively on Apple TV+.

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