David Tennant has made his position on Donald Trump – and that of his home nation Scotland – VERY clear in an interview on Channel 4's The Last Leg.


Tennant appeared on the show on Friday alongside comedian Sara Pascoe, and when the discussion turned to US politics, he had some strong words for the president.

"When he was over here and he was talking about England and he was saying ‘I’m going out to Scotland for my golf course in Scotland cause people in London are protesting but obviously [in] Scotland they really like me,’" Tennant began.

"Can I say on behalf of the Scottish nation, we f******g don’t?”

The clip below contains similarly strong, but bleeped out, language.

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Tennant followed this by offering a grim assessment of the current political climate, noting that "we all have to be really, really wary and really a little bit scared."

"I think its genuinely horrifying," he said. "I think this is how totalitarian regimes begin. I think we have to be really alert to this – this isn’t normal. This is not acceptable. And if – come these midterm elections in November – the Democrats don't take back either the house or the senate, I'm really worried for what happens to the world yet."

Aware that he was potentially taking a rather serious a line for a comedy show, he added: "I realise this isn't funny!"

"But I really think we’re at a point – I just pray that in 20 years time we look back and go, 'wow that was a crazy time, wasn’t it? Thank goodness we escaped that, and we’re not actually in some Orwellian dystopian future', which it suddenly feels we’re genuinely in the foothills of. I think there’s something properly horrific going on. And I think we all have to be really, really wary and really a little bit scared."


The Last Leg airs Fridays at 10pm on Channel 4

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