Could The Fresh Princess of Bel-Air become a thing?

Evidence suggests there's a female reboot of the classic Will Smith series in the works

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Getty, EH)

Watch out Will Smith, because The Fresh Princess of Bel-Air may well be on her way to steal your throne.


Speculation is mounting that a female reboot of the classic 90s sitcom could be in the works, following reports that the production company that owns the rights to the Fresh Prince has filed an application to trademark “Fresh Princess”.

According to a report by US outlet TMZ, the company has sought to lock down the rights to Fresh Princess for a television programme, as well as other media platforms and merchandise.

The original Fresh Prince was last on TV more than 20 years ago, having spanned six series between 1990 and 1996.

As the legendary soundtrack will tell you, the show centred around Will, who was “West Philadelphia born and raised” before his “life got flipped-turned upside down” and he moved to the affluent Los Angeles neighbourhood of Bel-Air.


Forget the royal wedding, there might be a coronation on the horizon…