Netflix is officially making a sequel to Bright

The movie has been panned by critics, but the streaming service says the sci-fi cop drama is "the number one movie on Netflix in every country"

Bright, Will Smith, Joel Edgerton (Netflix, BA)

Panned Netflix movie Bright will be back for a sequel, with director David Ayer and stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton all “expected” to return according to the streaming service.


Netflix confirmed the movie sequel after releasing a ‘leaked’ audition video for Will Smith’s next orc sidekick.

Despite being called “the worst movie of 2017” by some critics, Netflix has said that Bright is “the highest viewed Netflix film ever on the services in its first week of release”, and is currently the number one movie on the service in every country in which Netflix is available.

Stars Smith and Edgerton are currently “expected to return” according to a statement from Netflix, as is director David Ayer. However, writer Max Landis will not be involved.


Data measurement company Nielsen claimed that Bright had reached 11 million US viewers in its first three days sine release on 22nd December, although Netflix has disputed these figures.