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Exclusive – World Cup Countdown to '94 voted best Alan Partridge moment by a landslide

"Eat my goal!"

Alan Partridge
Published: Wednesday, 31st March 2021 at 5:43 pm

Thousands of Alan Partridge fans have voted on what they believe is the character's greatest moment of all-time, sending one hilarious sequence to a resounding victory.


In a poll by that received over 2,000 responses, more than a third selected Alan Partridge's World Cup Countdown to '94 as their favourite skit from the broadcaster's 30-year history.

The spoof football recap aired during 1994's satirical news programme The Day Today, co-created by Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci, in which Partridge featured as resident sports reporter.

The legendary series featured the character's first ever television appearance, although actor and comedian Steve Coogan had previously voiced the role in two shows for BBC Radio 4 (On The Hour and Knowing Me, Knowing You).

A quarter-century on from its original broadcast, Partridge's World Cup Countdown to '94 has remained a firm favourite with its absurd graphics, inept commentary and an elaborate homemade "soccer meter" to guide viewers through the group stages.

"The proof is in the pudding and the pudding, in this case, is a football," rambles a clueless Partridge as he draws his report to a close.

This early offering dominated the poll, sweeping up a massive 38 per cent of the vote share, with its closest competition coming in a full 18 points behind.

Second place went to a standout scene from 2019's This Time with Alan Partridge, in which our national treasure has a surreal encounter with his lookalike: an Irish farmer named Martin Brennan, who insists on singing "Come Out, Ye Black and Tans".

Meanwhile, there was a strong showing for Sky Atlantic's Scissored Isle, which features a memorable sequence in which Alan takes a job behind the checkouts at Tesco and is amazed by his zen-like ability to "chat and scan".

Two classic moments from sitcom I'm Alan Partridge – "I've pierced my foot on a spike!" and "stop getting Bond wrong!" – round out the top five, but snagged a significantly a lower vote share.

  1. Alan Partridge's World Cup Countdown to '94 (The Day Today) – 38 per cent
  2. Alan meets his lookalike (This Time with Alan Partridge) – 20 per cent
  3. Alan gets a job at Tesco (Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle) – 16 per cent
  4. "I've pierced my foot on a spike!" (I'm Alan Partridge series two) – six per cent
  5. "Stop getting Bond wrong!" (I'm Alan Partridge series two) – four per cent

Some Partridge fans may be surprised to see other iconic moments, including Alan's encounter with his biggest fan, his GIF-producing meeting with BBC exec Tony Hayers and "Dan! Dan! Dan!" trailed towards the bottom of the pack.

Alan Partridge turns 30 years old this summer, an event that is commemorating with a slate of RT Rewind content, including interviews with co-creator Armando Iannucci and screenwriter Peter Baynham.

Armando Iannucci
Armando Iannucci

This Time with Alan Partridge returns to BBC One later this year. While you're waiting, check out what's on tonight with our TV Guide


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