This BBC presenter falling into a swimming pool during a live interview is the gift that keeps on giving

Put some time aside to really enjoy this

Mike Bushell BBC Breakfast interview

When it comes to breakfast TV gaffes, the competition is fierce but Mike Bushell’s performance during Wednesday morning’s Commonwealth Games bulletin is undeniably worthy of a medal.


Clad in shorts, Bushell makes the unusual decision to interview British and Irish swimmers from in the pool in what he believes to be knee-deep water. But as he enters the pool, he fails to spot a narrow step and tumbles in.

There is so much to enjoy here. The high-pitched yelp as he loses his footing, the hysterics of the interviewees, the fact that Bushell is then forced to basically straddle swimmer Sarah Vasey as he attempts to plough on and conduct the interview.


It rewards multiple viewings, so put aside some time today to really enjoy it…