BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker had to correct this awkward subtitle error

Whoever wrote these subtitles had something else on their mind…

dan walker

Live-subtitling is pretty perilous work, as the viewers of BBC Breakfast discovered yesterday.


A seemingly harmless report on the decline of fishing along England’s coast became unexpectedly awkward due to a subtitle blunder, which did not look very kindly on the small Norfolk town of Cromer.

As news stories go it was pretty tame, until reporter Jayne McCubbin talked about how the number of fishermen in Cromer – which is famous for its crabs – has declined.

But did the subtitles say crabs? No. No they didn’t, they said “crap” – as one eagle-eyed viewer pointed out…

BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker quickly reassured everyone that they had been talking about “crabs”, not “crap”.


It is the latest in a series of subtitle mistakes, which make for very entertaining alternative news…