Bad Sisters, the latest work from comedy maestro Sharon Horgan which is now streaming on Apple TV+, has a deliciously pitch black premise that'll go down nicely with your Friday Katsu curry.


The 10-episode series revolves around the Garvey sisters – Eva, Grace, Ursula, Bibi and Becka – and their plan to murder their toad of a brother-in-law John Paul (AKA 'The Prick'), who revels in making all of them miserable and is a controlling presence in Grace's life.

Speaking to about the siblings at the heart of the narrative, Dublin Murders' Sarah Greene, who stars as the second-youngest Garvey sister Bibi, said: "I think having all the different [sisters'] personalities just keeps the story, the audience, us on our toes the whole time because everybody's reacting to the situations in very, very different ways. And everybody has their own journey with every event that happens throughout the course of the show.

"People are complicated and I think we all have our tics anyway in life, and so we're bringing our own stuff and ideas to the table. And then obviously everything that Sharon has written as well, it just made for this wonderful pot of really interesting personalities."

The Garvey sisters standing in church at John Paul's funeral
The Garvey sisters. Apple TV+

Horgan added: "When you start anything, they [the characters] are just names and everyone sounds alike, and then you have to figure out their traits and idiosyncrasies, which is helped by the cast coming in and inhabiting those skins themselves.

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"I love that everyone looks different, and I felt like there was just something really sisterly there anyway. Even if we don't look alike, it felt like we were part of the same family."

Horgan also recalled one particular man she knew in a past life who bears a strong resemblance to 'The Prick'.

"I shared a house with a pig of a man who, anytime I think about him, I think 'How did I allow that behaviour to happen?'" she said. "And I would have loved to... not obviously condoning what the sisters do, but to have the neck to stand up to someone like that.

"I think we've all either experienced it or you know someone who has."

The first two episodes of Bad Sisters are available to stream now on Apple TV+. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide, or visit our Comedy hub for more news and features.


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