An old American pilot for Peep Show has been leaked online – and it has a surprising star

Turns out Johnny Galecki was playing nerdy characters long before The Big Bang Theory

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 21:  Johnny Galecki attends PaleyFest Los Angeles 2018 -

It’s hard to imagine anyone but David Mitchell and Robert Webb starring in cult comedy Peep Show, which is heading back to Channel 4 for its final series next Wednesday – but now some footage has surfaced of the pilot for a US version of the series that recasts Mitchell’s awkward Mark Corrigan with a surprisingly familiar face.


That’s right, it’s The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki getting his nerd on as Mark long before Leonard Hofstader was a twinkle in his eye.

A full series of American Peep Show never ended up getting made (there is a new attempt in development), but it’s definitely an interesting exercise in what might have been.

After all, if Peep Show US had taken off Galecki would probably have never had the time to play Leonard in The Big Bang Theory, and who knows what that would have done to the series?

If we’re honest, he probably ended up playing the right nerd – and you won’t hear a peep from us suggesting otherwise.


Peep Show returns to Channel 4 on Wednesday 11th November at 10pm