Daisy May Cooper's new series Am I Being Unreasonable? is now available in full on BBC iPlayer, and it's fair to say there were a number of big shocks and surprises in store.


The series set out a number of mysteries very early on, and even plot elements that at first seemed trivial turned out to have secret meanings and explanations behind them.

With all that considered, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that was revealed in the first season of Am I Being Unreasonable?. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

Read on for everything you need to know about the twists and turns in Am I Being Unreasonable?.

Who was Jen and what was her plan?

Selin Hizli in Am I Being Unreasonable?
Selin Hizli as Jen in Am I Being Unreasonable? Boffola Pictures/Simon Ridgway

From almost the very start of the season we knew something was up with Jen. While she had seemingly come into Nic's life through a chance encounter, we saw her secretly filming a private confession made by Nic (more on that later) and hiding from Nic's cleaner.

More odd behaviour came when Nic lost her coat, only to find Jen wearing an identical one. The final cherry on the cake came when Nic found her coat and went over to Jen's house to apologise. However, when there she found no sign of Jen, and instead there was an elderly woman living there who claimed that Jen's real name was Katya.

In episode 4, we got the big reveal of who Jen really was as we saw the events of the previous three episodes from her perspective. She was in fact... just Jen. There was no major conspiracy or plot to destroy Nic's life. Instead, it was sort of the opposite.

Jen appeared to have an obsessive personality, having previously seemingly been obsessed with a co-worker named Becca who threatened to take out a restraining order. She also said she had a habit of filming her interactions after a trauma with her stepfather which her mum didn't believe.

It's through this habit that we learn Becca was in an abusive relationship, making us question just how 'obsessed' Jen really was, or if she was just trying to help. Regardless, she was fired from her job and she and her son Harry moved away. She got a new job at a cleaning firm, hired by Nic's cleaner Viv.

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When Jen met Nic, she became instantly obsessed with her and was determined that they were going to be best friends. When Nic had spotted her coming out of a house she was cleaning, she pretended it was hers, not wanting to reveal that she and Harry were living in temporary emergency accommodation.

The woman Jen was cleaning for often got confused and thought Jen was her previous cleaner Katya, explaining why she told Nic that was her name.

Jen had then taken out a payday loan in order to purchase exactly the same coat as Nic so she could be more like her. She finally revealed (some of) this to Nic when confronted, and the pair made up... for now.

What was going on with Dan and Jen?

Dustin Demri-Burns in Am I Being Unreasonable?
Dustin Demri-Burns as Dan in Am I Being Unreasonable? Boffola Pictures/James Pardon

From the very first time they met there seemed to be an uneasy tension between Dan and Jen. Then, midway through the season, we found out why.

Dan had in fact been cheating on Nic, or at least attempting to, using a dating app to arrange casual hook-ups. We later found out that Nic had found out about this, but first we discover that Jen had, too.

In fact, after she'd decided to become best friends with Nic she had stalked her online, and after seeing Dan in a photo realised she'd seen him before - on the dating app.

She then arranged to go on a date with him, during which she publicly revealed him as a cheater in front of the bar and poured her wine on him.

This is why Dan had been so shaken when he had first seen Jen in his house following this encounter - he had been afraid that she would reveal his affairs to Nic.

What happened to Mr Meowgi?

Lenny Rush in Am I Being Unreasonable?
Lenny Rush as Ollie in Am I Being Unreasonable? Boffola Pictures/Simon Ridgway

At the start of the series, Nic, Dan and Ollie's cat Mr Meowgi went missing, and when Nic received news that he'd been found in episode 2, she thought Ollie would be delighted. However, when she showed him the returned cat, Ollie seemed unfazed.

Nic later found out why - the cat she had brought back wasn't in fact Mr Meowgi and the real family pet was dead, stuffed inside Ollie's draw. When she confronted him about this, Ollie revealed that he'd found him like that in the tumble drier, assuming that he must have fallen asleep inside and someone had shut the door on him.

However, in one of the darkest twists of the series, Nic found footage on a camera of Ollie purposefully putting Mr Meowgi in the drier and turning it on, killing him in the process. By the end of the season she had yet to confront Ollie further about what really happened. Why did he do it? Was he simply unthinking or does he have some murderous tendencies?

What really happened with Nic and Alex?

David Fynn in Am I Being Unreasonable?
David Fynn as Alex in Am I Being Unreasonable? Boffola Pictures/Simon Ridgway

This was the big one. Right at the start of the series we saw a flashback of Nic and Alex playfully messing around on the station platform as she boarded a train, with the two very much in love.

Then, in a devastating and chilling turn of events, Alex got his coat stuck in the train door and was pulled along the platform until another train came past and hit him, killing him instantly.

Further flashbacks revealed that Alex was Dan's brother, who had professed his love to Nic on her wedding day to Dan. They had started an affair, with the pair vowing to leave their respective partners and be together before his untimely death. This is the secret Jen had filmed Nic disclosing - that she had been cheating on Dan with his own brother.

However... a final killer twist revealed all was not as it seemed, and Nic had been misremembering or altering the truth in her mind.

All series she had been seeing visions of two teenagers following her everywhere she went. In a final scene at Alex's memorial, we find out that the very first playful scene we saw of Alex and Nic was an altered flashback, and in fact it had been those teens who interacted so lovingly as Nic watched on, sat alone.

They boarded the train and Nic was then confronted by Alex on the platform. He told her he was staying with his wife and they were having a baby. His relationship with Nic had never been love - the only reason he had ever been with her had been as a punishment to his brother Dan, who he secretly hated.

In a final spiteful remark, he told her "the sex was fine but I think you should lose some weight". At that point she pulled his coat into the door, trapping him and sealing his fate.

He shouted repeatedly for Nic to open the door but she refused, despite being right next to a lever she could have used to stop the train. He was hit by an oncoming train as the two teenagers from earlier watched on, horrified.

So there we have it - Nic is a murderer. That's quite the set up for a season 2 isn't it?

Am I Being Unreasonable? season 1 is available in full on BBC iPlayer now. Check out more of our Comedy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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