Alec Baldwin to make Saturday Night Live great again as he confirms we’ll see more of his Donald Trump impersonation

The actor will reprise his eerily uncanny impression when SNL returns this autumn


Originally Alec Baldwin wasn’t sure whether he would continue impersonating President Donald Trump, but the actor has done the decent thing and promised us he WILL be back on SNL to brighten up this bleak 2017.


Baldwin has confirmed that he will indeed be making Saturday Night Live great again, reprising his take on Trump when the show returns later this year.

Asked if he would go back to SNL, Baldwin said: “Yeah, we’re going to fit that in. I think people have enjoyed it.”

Although one person who hasn’t really enjoyed it is POTUS himself, who has previously tweeted that his impression “stinks” and that SNL is “really bad television”.

Anyway, Baldwin also added that due to his busy schedule, we won’t be having a “whole meal” of Trumpisms, rather “a couple celery sticks” instead.

No doubt Baldwin is busy because he’s also currently penning a spoof autobiography of Trump, titled ‘You Can’t Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump’ which is due to be released this November.