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Alan Partridge has written a poem for National Poetry Day and it's everything you'd expect

Steve Coogan's comic creation has turned his hand to poetry

Published: Thursday, 28th September 2017 at 3:21 pm

In celebration of National Poetry Day, Sky Atlantic have rolled out a clip of Steve Coogan's comic creation Alan Partridge reciting some lines of dubious self-penned verse.


In the clip, which was originally shared on the Sky Atlantic Twitter account, Partridge recites an original poem called 'The Working Class', in which he pays tribute to people on the fringes of society with a load of tired stereotypes – and manages to mispronounce Star Wars robot C3PO. Check the clip out below.

Back in August it was announced that Coogan will return to the BBC for a new series in which Partridge becomes "the voice of hard Brexit", his first appearance on the network in 15 years after defecting to Sky Atlantic.

"Alan would have voted Brexit for sure. Hard Brexit, given the choice," Coogan told the New European, "He’s a Brexiteer because the Daily Mail told him to be."

Though the comedian, who debuted the role in 1991 on Radio 4 programme On The Hour, admitted he initially had reservations about returning to his first home.

"“[It's] going to be tough," he said. "It’s always difficult to make good comedy. You always have to work really hard at it. The standard of the comedy on Partridge is so high, that you have to match it, or people go, ‘Oh, they’ve lost it’."


A new Alan Partridge series will air on the BBC in spring 2018.


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