6 reasons you should follow Anna Kendrick on Twitter

Drop everything you're doing and follow the Into the Woods actress on social media...

Anna Kendrick is set to become a household name this year thanks to memorable performances alongside Meryl Street in Into the Woods and Jennifer Aniston in Cake – and she’s proving to be a hit off-screen as well.


The 29-year-old actress is already a leading lady when it comes to social media, where she delivers one-liners, self-deprecating Hollywood photos and live-tweeting sessions. Her candour has made her one of the most relatable young talents around and a fan favourite. 

If you aren’t already, here are just a few reasons you should start following Anna Kendrick immediately. 

1) She understands the daily struggles we all go through 

4) She takes us behind the scenes of the glitz and glamour 

I would just like to remind everybody of the reality of the situation.

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5) She always sees the silver lining when it comes to questionable wardrobe choices 


We thank you, Anna Kendrick. Keep up the good work.