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How to do the TikTok colour personality test

Everyone's doing it, but here's how you can take part too.

Personal Colour Test for TikTok
Published: Wednesday, 3rd March 2021 at 1:32 pm

If you've seen everyone sharing their colour personality on TikTok and you want to get involved then it's fairly easy - you just need to follow a few steps.


You can find out our colour personality using the ktestone's online test then you simply share that result on TikTok (or not, up to you!).

Here's how you take the test, how it works and what you actually get at the end.

How to take the TikTok Colour Personality Test

1. Take the Personality test

First head over to the's site and you'll find the Personal Colour Test. The site is Korean, but it has various language options. Click the English option.

There are 12 questions to answer ranging from "what kind of atmosphere do you like when you play with your friends?" or "what's more important to you?" with some options.

2. The results are in

Once you've had your 12 question test then you get assigned a colour personality. You get a little blurb as to what that all means.

(I'm an alice blue)

Alice Blue
Alice Blue

You get a little more info on what type of people you like based off the result and their colour too (come say hello dandelions) - sort of like a colour dating test, and who to steer clear from (keep away olive greens).

Colour test
Colour test Ktestone

3. Post to TikTok

That's it, now post away and join in the fun. No more FOMO and let the colour matches come in!


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