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Always running out of data? Stream endless TV and music with these VOXI plans

Binge-watch to your heart’s content with VOXI’s endless video streaming plans.

VOXI endless streaming
Published: Monday, 8th March 2021 at 11:18 am

Streaming on your phone can eat into your data fast, so choosing the right contract is essential. After all, no one wants to run out of data right before that season finale you’ve been waiting months for.


To help you find out what type of plans are out there, we’ve pulled together the best VOXI plans, including endless video streaming and social media, alongside the fundamentals of texts, calls and roaming.

And, having won Best Pay As You Go Network at the 2020 Uswitch Awards, it seemed only fair we look at what VOXI had to offer.

Endless video streaming for £12 a month

VOXI is all about ‘endless’ options, whether that be scrolling through Twitter or back-to-back episodes of Bridgerton. And, because it is a PAYG network, there is no contract – so you can cancel the plan at any time.

For just £12 a month, VOXI will allow you to stream endless video from apps including Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime Video without eating into your data.

On top of the essentials of unlimited calls, texts and picture messages, VOXI’s ‘Endless Social Media’ offer is thrown in, too, at no extra cost. This combination allows you to flick between Instagram, Twitter and Netflix to your heart’s content without dipping into your data allowance once.

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VOXI – 6GB data, endless social media, texts and calls | £10 a month
VOXI – 12GB data, endless video streaming, social media, texts and calls | £12 a month
VOXI – 15GB data, endless video streaming, social media, texts and calls | £15 a month
VOXI – 45GB data, endless video streaming, social media, texts and calls | £20 a month
VOXI – unlimited data, texts and calls | £35 a month

What if I stream music more than video?

VOXI also offers a number of additional extras. If your data is usually drained by Spotify rather than social media, you may want to take advantage of the Endless Music Pass.

This gives you unlimited use of music apps including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music and Napster for only an extra £5 a month.

Or, for just £3 a month more, you can opt for 100 minutes to use internationally – a great option to make sure you can always catch up with family abroad.

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For more information and the full terms and conditions on the above VOXI plans, please visit the website.


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