The Sims continues to be a franchise that you can get lost in four hours, years even, and The Sims 4 is no exception- especially given how much the game is continually updated with new features and new things to do.


And now more people get a chance to play it with EA Play now being part of Gamespass to mark the release of the Xbox Series X what better time to deliver an exciting new update?

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But what is in this latest development to the game? Here is all you need to know.

The Sims 4 November update patch details

The update is live now, having taken place on November 10th, so you should have the update triggered when you log into the game. As for what is included, we will cover the gist here but head on over to the official EA Sims site to read everything- there is a lot to cover in a lot of detail!

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Within a story level, you will now be able to build rooms at different heights with the platforms update- or even the reverse with them not being able to be constricted underground- deep under by the sounds of things.

Platforms will be able to be stacked and you are encouraged to do so and get creative in the process. You can customise the look of them with the help of the Platform Trims. This is a huge update and we have barely even scratched the surface of all you can now do.

Extra half walls

New half walls are here and there are 12 additional heights to now choose from- up from the seven that were there originally.


To quote the official site here as they sum up what these are best: "Sentiments are those special fuzzy feelings that form between Sims when they share a memorable moment together. Shared experiences between Sims now offer the opportunity for Sims to develop long-lasting sentiments between each other, which in turn affects how they feel and act in the presence of (or the absence of) another particular Sim. Unlike relationships between Sims, Sentiments can be a one-sided affair."

"When two or more Sims share an experience together, you may find that all, some, or none of them walk away from that moment having formed a lasting impression of the other Sims that were involved."

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Sim Profiles

Speaking of those sentiments, they also factor into another update- Sim profiles. Head over to the relationship panel and you will be able to click on a sim portrait and then 'open Sim profile and you will see all the info about that sim you need to know- handy!

Skin tone update

People had a lot to say about the last skin tone update that occurred in October and EA have listened. This latest patch includes improved texture compression, resolving the banding on the cheeks and foreheads as well as discolouration on the tip of the nose. Not only that but other tweaks include the removal of the red dots around the lips.


Even a sim needs a holiday every now and then- and now they can get one. To go on a holiday to a world, you will need to make sure it has a rental lot, for example, in Snowy Escape, you’ll find the residential world of Mt. Komorebi includes some pre-built rental lots to go to straight away. You can even order supplies from a holiday spot if you are running low!

There is a ton more than has been fixed and added too, including new songs on the S Pop radio station and toddler slippers (because, why not?) so this is a great time to get back to the game and try everything out.

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