It's finally happening - EA is making its return to skateboarding games with Skate 4. However, it won't be called Skate 4 and instead will officially be titled like so: skate.


Confused? You're not alone. "This is not a sequel," the developers from Full Circle stated on the game's official website, explaining why it's not called Skate 4. "This is skate., refreshed with a forever vision in mind."

Okay... We'll take their word for it. There's still not a whole load of info out there yet about Skate 4 skate., but EA has begun to eke out the details gradually.

If you're wondering about the Skate 4 - sorry, skate. - release date, that hasn't been confirmed yet. However, we do have some other information that you might find interesting. Keep on reading to learn more!

When is the Skate 4 release date?

The Skate 4 release date has not been confirmed yet, with rumours on the web pointing towards 2023 at some point. Or perhaps even 2024.

Development of the latest Skate game has been going on for quite some time now, which might make you think that it's coming soon, but sadly you'll have to wait a while longer.

Can I pre-order Skate 4?

Not yet! Pre-orders have not begun for Skate 4 at this point.

In fact, you might never need to pay for Skate 4 — it has been confirmed that EA is making the game free-to-play!

How to apply for the Skate 4 playtest

Some lucky players will be able to access Skate 4 early with the official playtest – one phase of this has already taken place, but we'd expect there to be more Skate 4 playtests in future.

If you're like to take part in a Skate 4 playtest, you need to sign up on the official website and hope you get picked for inclusion!

What platforms can you get Skate 4 on?

Skate 4 will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, EA has confirmed. Work is also underway on a mobile version, too, but there's no word yet on a Nintendo Switch release.

Skate 4 gameplay

You can see some very early gameplay footage Skate 4 in the trailer at the bottom of this page! As it shows, the game looks colourful and chaotic, as well as being a whole lot of fun. It is, of course, a freewheeling skateboarding game that will take a fair amount of practise to master!

Is there a trailer for Skate 4?

There is indeed a trailer for Skate 4. Take a look at the 'Still working on it' promo video below, and it should hype you up nicely while you wait for the Skate 4 release date to be revealed.

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