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How to solve Resident Evil Village piano puzzle: Play these notes to unlock the Iron Insignia Key

Don't fancy reading the piano sheet music in Resident Evil Village? Here's how to solve the puzzle.

Resident Evil Village has plenty of puzzles.
Published: Friday, 7th May 2021 at 8:00 am

Early on in Resident Evil Village, you'll come up against some doors that you can't open unless you have an item called the Iron Insignia Key. And if you want to find that key, you'll need to solve a puzzle involving a piano and some sheet music.


If you're a musical maestro in real life, reading the sheet music and playing the notes it suggests on the piano shouldn't be too tricky. But for the rest of us, it's time for some harrowing flashbacks to half-forgotten music lessons at school.

You don't need to start randomly whacking the keys, though, because we've gone ahead and written this handy guide on how to solve the piano puzzle in Resident Evil Village. Let's get cracking, then!

Where is the Iron Insignia Key located in Resident Evil Village?

The Iron Insignia Key is located inside a piano, which can be found downstairs in the Operahouse area of Castle Dimitrescu. As you walk from the main building out into the courtyard at Castle Dimitrescu, the entrance to the Operahouse is on the left-hand side. Head in there, work your way downstairs, and approach the piano. Select the sheet music that's plonked on the piano, and it will tell you which notes to play. Play those notes and you'll open the piano's secret compartment. And if you can't read sheet music to save your life, read on for our tips on solving this piano puzzle.

How to solve Resident Evil Village piano puzzle

To solve the Resident Evil Village piano puzzle, you need to play the right keys in the right order. If the reading of sheet music isn't your thing, fear not! We've worked it for you and made the handy image below. Play the keys in the number we've ordered them, from one through to 10, and the piano should open up.

If the image below looks a bit small on your PC screen, you might want to right-click and open it in a new tab. Or if you're reading this on a phone, you should be able to pinch the screen to zoom in. Just remember that some notes appear more than once!

How to solve the Resident Evil Village piano puzzle
How to solve the Resident Evil Village piano puzzle Capcom

Don't worry if you play a few bum notes. The sheet music will light up to show when you've got it right. But if you get any wrong, you won't break anything. Just keep going until all the notes on the sheet music are lit up.

Once the piano is open, grab yourself the Iron Insignia Key! You can use it to open up a decent number of doors and gates, which are dotted around at various locations across the eponymous village.

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