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Life is Strange True Colours: Release date, trailer, gameplay and latest news

What adventure awaits Alex in the new Life is Strange?

life is strange true colours
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Published: Monday, 6th September 2021 at 6:05 pm

We are about to return to the intriguing and, at times hypnotising, world of Life is Strange and we once again have another protagonist with a superpower at the heart of the action - Alex.


As for what Alex can do, well she is an empath, and a reluctant one at that, so expect her life to get a lot more complicated and dangerous as the five-part video game series gets underway - much like her predecessors Max and Sean from the previous games.

But when is Life is Strange True Colours being released, and what can we expect from the third main game in the series? Here is all we know so far.

Life is Strange True Colours release date

We do not have long to wait at all to get swept back up in the world of the Life is Strange universe as True Colours is set to hit consoles on Friday, 10th September 2021 which is this very Friday - so let's just get this week out of the way quickly!

And in even better news, this time we do not have to wait for each part to get released as all five chapters are coming out on the same day - a notable change for this franchise that could indicate the episodic gaming craze may be behind us for the most part.

Can I pre-order Life is Strange True Colours?

You can indeed! Life is Strange True Colours is currently available to buy at GAME, and Amazon also has it. Don't forget that pre-ordering is the smart play as you will always get it at the cheapest price the game drops to from when you click that button to buy. It is worth noting here too that buying it from GAME gets you some exclusive bonus content - the Alex Outfit Pack DLC!

What platforms can I get Life is Strange True Colours on?

Next-gen is the name of the game with this one with releases confirmed for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, as well as a release on the PC lined up. Players of the previous generation will not be missing out though as the PS4 and the Xbox One will also get the game on launch day.

What is the Life is Strange True Colours story?

saints row reboot

Here is the official plot synopsis for the game that tells us a lot about Alex and the cool power that she has, despite not wanting it, at her disposal.

"Alex Chen, a young Asian-American woman who has grown up in a foster family and has had a troubled childhood, reunites with her brother Gabe eight years later when he encourages her to return. After Gabe is killed in a mysterious accident, Alex investigates the truth behind the accident by using her empathy powers.

Along the way, Alex meets many citizens of Colorado's picturesque mountain town of Haven Springs, including two potential love interests, Ryan and Steph, the latter of whom appeared in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm."

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Life is Strange True Colours gameplay

Life is Strange fans know the drill by now for what to expect and we will be playing through similar things again with this one. So look for this to be a mostly narratively driven adventure with you along for the ride, making dialogue choices and interacting with everything around you to really get the lay of the land. And of course, some good old fashioned puzzle solving along the way.

Life is Strange True Colours trailer

The Life is Strange True Colours trailer brings all the feels we have come to expect from the franchise while also showing off the cool empath power that our hero of the story has - check it out for yourselves below!

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