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Is Outriders down? How to check the current server status

All the tools you need to spot problems with the Outriders servers.

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Published: Thursday, 30th June 2022 at 4:00 pm
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With the Outriders Worldslayer DLC launching into the world very soon, it seems likely that players new and old will flood into the game's online servers to check out the new content.


Given that the early reactions seem to be mostly positive, including our own five-star Outriders Worldslayer review, there's every chance that the Outriders servers will be hosting a lot more people than usual tonight.

By now, players know the signs when a game's servers go down: you might not be able to load into the game at all, or you might find yourself unable to matchmake with other online players. Or perhaps you'll experience stuttering, lagging, dropouts or other telltale signs that something's gone wrong behind the scenes.

Pre-empting our fears, the Outriders developers posted the morning before the launch, saying this on Twitter: "Our online Infrastructure has been running in the green for the past 18 hours with fast log-ins and stable connections."

The developers added: "We appreciate some you faced long log-ins yesterday, but we don't anticipate this issue tonight. We look forward to welcoming you back to Enoch Outriders!"

That sounds promising, doesn't it? But of course, anything can change when the masses cram into the servers at once. If you're reading this and you're worried about the Outriders servers, read on to find out the key details and how to check if Outriders is down.

Is Outriders down?

At the time of writing, Outriders is not down.

The official Outriders status webpage said "all systems operational" last time we checked.

We're writing this shortly before the launch of the Outriders Worldslayer DLC, so we don't know if the servers will encounter any issues later today. Keep on reading for some top tips if you find yourself struggling to get into the game.

How to check the Outriders server status

To check if the Outriders servers are down, the best place to check is the official Outriders status webpage. Click that link and you'll see if the developers have logged any outages or known issues recently.

If you think the Outriders servers might be offline, it's also worth checking Down Detector, a community-led website where players can log their issues in real time. You should be able to see on that website if other gamers are hitting the same issues as you.

Another place to check for updates would be the official Outriders Twitter account, which has been known to post about server status situations in the past. Take a look in those three places and you should be able to spot if there are problems with the Outriders servers right now.

If there are indeed problems that you can see, it might be best to go and play something else for a little while (or at least go make yourself a cup of tea), and check back later to see if things have improved.

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