The World Destroyer is back - this time in video game form, as Hellboy: Web of Wyrd looks to replicate the same glorious art style, tone and world-building that helped make the comics so beloved.


Hellboy has had an interesting time being adapted to other media. Most notably, after two pretty decent film adaptions via Guillermo del Toro, the character was then rebooted in 2019 with a movie starring David Harbour, but it fell flat with both critics and audiences.

And if you'd believe it, there's actually another reboot now in the works. But forget the bad times; developers Upstream Aracde are looking to do the source material justice in Hellboy: Web of Wyrd.

With original creator Mike Mignola on board, excitement is through the roof for an experience that will truly feel like it's the comic book come to life. Even though there are dozens of major video game release dates happening over the coming months, Hellboy could end up being the (wait for it) dark horse of 2023.

While lots of details are being kept hidden for the full release, there's still plenty to discuss for the game - including its release date, how to pre-order, gameplay and all the latest trailers. Head below for all the latest information.

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When is the Hellboy: Web of Wyrd release date?

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd
Good Shepherd Entertainment

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd is set to release on 18th October 2023 across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The game was originally announced at The Game Awards 2022, and was confirmed to be one of Lance Reddick's final posthumous roles, following his untimely death in March 2023. Hellboy was originally scheduled to launch on 4th October 2023 but was delayed by two weeks just a month out from release.

Can I pre-order Hellboy: Web of Wyrd?

Hellboy punching the ground in Web of Wyrd
Hellboy: Web of Wyrd. Good Shepherd Entertainment

No, pre-orders for Hellboy: Web of Wyrd are not available. The only available means of showing your interest is by adding the game to your wishlist on Steam.

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd is a digital-only release, so come launch day on 18th October, a purchase will need to be made via every platform's respective stores - so PS Store, Microsoft Store, Nintendo eShop and Steam. A limited physical release is expected at some point in the future.

Which consoles and platforms can play Hellboy: Web of Wyrd?

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd combat, showing Hellboy punching a monster
Combat in Hellboy: Web of Wyrd. Good Shepherd Entertainment

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd is available to play across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

No one is missing out on this new roguelike Hellboy adventure, which is great news! Now it’s time to decide what console you want to play it on. Do you go for the shiny 4K graphics of the PS5, PC or Xbox Series X, or do you opt for the portability of the Switch? Decisions, decisions.

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd gameplay and story details

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd gameplay, showing Hellboy getting ready to punch a giant warrior
Hellboy: Web of Wyrd gameplay. Good Shepherd Entertainment

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd is described as an action-brawler roguelike where you play as Hellboy as he explores the realms within the Wyrd. The game tells an original story written in a partnership between the development team, Dark Horse Comics and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.

Fans are hoping it will be authentic to the original comic books as it tells a number of "vastly different and wholly unique adventures". Web of Wyrd’s stories are expected to stand on their own but are all "tied to the mysterious legacy of The Butterfly House", which acts as the game’s gateway to different realms of The Wyrd.

In terms of gameplay, expect something a little like a Dark Souls game, with tough-looking close-quarters combat full of parries, dodges and massive punches.

If you die, you head back to The Butterfly House – think Supergiant Games’s Hades and you get the idea. The Butterfly House acts as a hub world while general levels are procedurally generated. This is all set to a graphical style that looks as though it’s been lifted straight from the pages of the comic books.

Is there a Hellboy: Web of Wyrd trailer?

Yes, there are actually a few Hellboy: Web of Wyrd trailers by now. Let's start with the release date announcement trailers, which show off the game’s stylish cel-shaded graphics alongside a teaser of its gameplay and story. Check it out below:

A subsequent gameplay trailer was then released, giving an idea of the action-brawler roguelite, as well as Lance Reddick's voice as the titular character. Watch below to get a better idea.

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd releases on 18th October 2023 across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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