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How to collect access cards from an IO Guard in Fortnite (week 8 challenge)

The weekly challenges continue - and IO guards are your target!

fortnite io guard

This week’s fresh batch of Fortnite weekly challenges has arrived and with season 7 halfway through, the alien theme continues but there are other things to do – including getting your hands on an access card that is in the possession of the IO guards dotted around the map.


Luckily we know exactly where you need to go in Fortnite to find a guard to wipe them out and you will want to do that to get your hands on the lovely XP that is waiting for you when the deed is done.

But make sure you load up on powerful weapons and shields before starting your search as you could end up in a dangerous firefight if things do not go to plan.

But with that warning issued, here is all you need to do about collecting access cards from an IO Guard in Fortnite!

How to collect access cards from an IO Guard in Fortnite

Happily, finding an IO guard is not too much trouble as they are located all over the Fortnite map but if you want a specific location, this should help you out. 

The easiest place to get the job done here is in Corny Complex, so make your way there and head for the farm. Once you get there you will see IO guards in various places but they are mainly found walking around the house and the barn.

If for some reason you don’t see one then head to the secret bunker under the farm by walking down the stairs in the barn. Once you find one, take them out with the most powerful weapon you have collected from loot and make sure they are fully dead otherwise they will not drop the access card.

But once you have picked it up, that’s your job done and the challenge will be over.

If you’re still struggling to figure this challenge out, perhaps you need to take a look at a quick video that shows you what to do. The one below should do the trick nicely:

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