It seems like no one is working harder than the Barbie movie's marketing team at the moment.


We're not kidding — check out this Twitter thread to see all of the impressive publicity stunts they've been doing, including the eye-catching Barbie Xbox console and controllers that you may have already seen online.

The collaboration between Barbie and Xbox goes deeper than you might think, too. As well as the bright pink Xbox Series S console and the zany-looking controllers, there are also Barbie-inspired cars coming to Forza Horizon 5, Xbox-branded Barbie dolls to win, and a whole lot more to read about on the Xbox Wire blog.

If it's the Barbie Xbox console and controllers that have caught your eye, read on for the key details we know so far about how to get them in your life, for real.

How can you get the Barbie Xbox console and controllers?

Official imagery of the Barbie Xbox console and controllers.
Official imagery of the Barbie Xbox console and controllers. Xbox / Mattel

If you're wondering whether it will be possible to just buy the Barbie Xbox Series S and the Barbie Xbox controllers from a store, the answer to that question appears to be no. We're sure that people would pay a decent price for them if they could!

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Instead, the Barbie Xbox console and the controllers sound like they will be part of a rewards scheme competition. And we've also heard about a charitable way to try and get them.

The official Xbox Wire blog announced this collab and confirmed that fans will "have a chance to win these" starting on Monday 10th July. Until then, details are thin on the ground!

The blog post also links off to the official Microsoft Rewards scheme, implying that this programme will be used as part of the competition to win the Barbie Xbox goodies.

Beyond that, we have heard of one other way to try and get a Barbie Xbox and the controllers — there's a charity auction going on at Charitybuzz, with proceeds due to go to Save the Children. You can see the Barbie Xbox, and some other Barbie items, on the Charitybuzz website here.

We'll be sure to update this page when the full details of the rewards-based competition are revealed. Until then, it's worth signing up to the Microsoft Rewards programme yourself and getting acquainted with it, and maybe even consider placing a bit on that Charitybuzz auction.

You can earn Microsoft rewards on an array of devices and systems, including all the current Xbox consoles and Windows computers. It might be wise to start collecting rewards points now! We'll bring you more details as we get them.

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