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How to get water eggs in Animal Crossing fast

Happy Easter from Animal Crossing!

animal crossing water eggs
Published: Thursday, 1st April 2021 at 4:33 pm

You know how in Animal Crossing New Horizons there are always a bazillion things to collect? Well, you can add eggs to the list now - and there are water eggs too!


The eggs have been added for Bunny Day, part of the Easter celebration of the game of virtual islands and they follow numerous updates that have come along recently including the addition of Mario in Animal Crossing and whoopee cushions that were added for April Fools Day as well as the Sanrio Amiibo cards.

For all you need to know about water eggs and how you can find them, read on for our step by step guide.

How to get water eggs in Animal Crossing New Horizon

animal crossing eggs

There are actually two different ways you can find water eggs in the game so let's break them down.

Option 1

4th April is Bunny Day and when the day rolls around, you'll need to start fishing! The water eggs are, perhaps unsurprisingly, found in the water and they can be caught by fishing just like you normally would. The beaches and the rivers on your island should see them spawn so just be ready to catch them!

Option 2

The second way involves going on the Mystery Tour! These tours depart from your airport and they take you off to random locations that you have never visited before and you will be able to find water eggs when you are exploring.

The eggs themselves are easy to get hold of but remember that there is a time limit on how long they will be around - so be quick about it!

What special Bunny Day items can you get in Animal Crossing?

It is not just eggs that are about for Easter - there are many items you can pick up for Bunny day too! Here is the list and how much they will cost you!

  • Bunny Day Candy - 1300 Bells
  • Bunny Day Garden Flag - 1500 Bells
  • Bunny Day Planter Box - 2300 Bells
  • Bunny Day Topiary - 2000 Bells
  • Bunny Day Tree - 3800 Bells

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