It’s a big day for Triple-A and indie gamers everywhere. Today (16th November) the new Steam Deck OLED is being released, promising better graphics, longer-lasting battery, and all-round faster performance. Sadly though, this also means the phasing out of the older Steam Deck LCD models, specifically 64GB and 512GB, as they’re being discontinued to make way for these shiny new replacements.


But, where others may see a loss, the team see an opportunity, because when products are discontinued, deals soon follow. And as it’s November, we’re all about hunting for those great Black Friday savings.

So far we’ve found the best PS5 Black Friday deals, Xbox Series X Black Friday deals, and Meta Quest 2 Black Friday deals, so now it’s time to turn our attention to the Steam Deck.

As a new-ish product (first released in 2022) it’s hard to definitively say whether there’ll be a specific Black Friday deal this year, especially as the new OLED models are only just coming out. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t offers to be found, so we’ve dug around for the very best deals on the Steam Deck and its accessories.

The best Steam Deck Black Friday deal we've seen so far comes from Amazon, where the Steam Deck (512GB) is now £585 – that's a saving of just over £115.

Below you’ll find a curated list of our favourite Steam Deck offers as well as a few gaming essentials you might want to get now for less.

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What is the best price for a Steam Deck?

The price of a Steam Deck ranges from £309 to £585 depending on the model and storage size – which goes from 64GB to 1TB. The problem is, in the UK these prices are almost exclusively held by Steam itself and it often has limited stock. So, if the stock is low or you can’t find the model you want, your best bet is to check out Amazon. Here the starting RRP will be a little higher but there will also be regular discounts running throughout the year.

As we’ve said, today we’re seeing the release of the brand-new Steam Deck OLED (in 512GB and 1TB) and the phasing out of the 64GB and 512GB LCD models. This means the cost of these will be slashed over the next few weeks. On Steam, the lowest cost we’ve found is £309 for the 64GB LCD, and on Amazon it’s £429.

Is it worth getting a Steam Deck this Black Friday?

If you’re a hardcore portable gamer then, yes, it’s absolutely worth it. The Steam Deck has had rave reviews ever since it first came out and is now considered the best console around for Triple-A and indie gamers. The price isn’t as high as the PlayStation 5 or the Meta Quest 3, and it’s likely to drop more and more as we get closer to Black Friday.

However, if you’re not as fussed on what games you play, and are just looking for a console to keep you entertained, we’d sooner recommend the Nintendo Switch, which has a lower starting price and is currently on sale for 6% off at JD Williams.

For a closer look at the best savings, check out the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals.

Best Steam Deck Black Friday deals we’ve seen so far

Valve Steam Deck 512GB, £702 £585 (save £115 or 17%)

Steam deck

What's the deal: This is the lowest price we've seen on Amazon for the Steam Deck (512GB).

Why we chose it: The Steam Deck (512GB) is the biggest storage option for the handheld console (and therefore, the most expensive). The highly sought-after console very rarely sees a discount of this size.

Buy Valve Steam Deck 512GB for £702 £585 (save £117 or 17%) at Amazon

Valve Steam Deck 256GB, £520 £473.95 (save £47 or 9%)

What’s the deal: At Amazon, the 256GB Steam Deck is now reduced by £47, taking the price down to £473.95.

Why we chose it: £47 may not seem like a lot, but this is the lowest price Amazon has offered on the Steam Deck in months. It's for one of the higher storage models so if that's important to you we'd strongly recommend snapping this up while you can.

Buy Valve Steam Deck 256GB for £520 £473.95 (save £47 or 9%) at Amazon

Valve Steam Deck 64GB, £409.99

Steam Deck

What’s the deal: The soon-to-be-gone 64GB Steam Deck is also available at Amazon for £409.99

Why we chose it: If you're desperate to buy this now then we'd say go for it, but remember that the price may continue to drop as this model becomes more phased out.

Buy Valve Steam Deck 64GB for £409.99 at Amazon

Save 80% on Steam Deck games

The Steam Deck OLED glowing red from its screen

What’s the deal: At Fanatical you can save up to 80% on Steam Deck games including major titles like Mortal Kombat and RoboCop as well as popular indie games.

Why we chose it: Fanatical may not be the official Stream site but it's considered safe to use with a 4.6 rating on Trust Pilot. All the games in its Stream library are verified as compatible to use on the Stream Deck, and they're currently priced as low as £8. So, if the cost of games has got you down, this is where we'd recommend looking.

Save 80% on Steam Deck games at Fanatical

Valve Steam Deck 6-in-1 docking station, £54.99 £39.99 (save £15 or 27%)

steam deck dock

What’s the deal: Amazon is offering this 6-in-1 Steam Deck docking station for 42% less, taking it down to under £32. This is lower than the already discounted price from yesterday.

Or, you can save even more by grabbing the 5-in-1 docking station for just £25.49, down from £39.99.

Why we chose it: These docking stations come with everything you need to maintain your Steam Deck. It includes a HDMI output, Gigabit Ethernet input, three USB-A 3.0 ports and a USB-C port for charging. In short, it will keep everything running with the simple push of the on button.

Buy Valve Steam Deck 5-in-1 docking station for £39.99 £25.49 (save £14.50 or 36%) at Amazon

Buy Valve Steam Deck 6-in-1 docking station for £54.99 £39.99 (save £23 or 42%) at Amazon

Benazcap Case for Steam Deck with Built-in Kickstand, £11.99 £5.59 (save £6.40 or 53%)

Steam Deck case

What’s the deal: Keep your Steam Deck safe with this ergonomic and grip-resistant case, now on sale for just £5.59.

Why we chose it: This case is sleek, light and perfect for comfortably holding your new Steam Deck. It has a grip resistant material and even a kickstand so you can safely rest your device on any surface.

Buy Benazcap Case for Steam Deck with Built-in Kickstand for £11.99 £5.59 (save £6.40 or 53%) at Amazon

MSI Optix Full HD 24" Curved LED Gaming Monitor, £179 £119 (save £60 or 33%)

MSI monitor

What's the deal: Save £60 on this curved gaming monitor from Currys, now on sale for £119.

Why we chose it: Plenty of gamers choose to plug their Steam Deck into a monitor and get the full-screen experience. If that's you, you might as well get a good screen for less. This monitor comes with 1920 x 1080p HD, can be wall-mounted, and has a three-year warranty.

Buy MSI Optix Full HD 24" Curved LED Gaming Monitor for £179 £119 (save £60 or 33%) at Currys


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