“No way was I manipulative. At all!” The Apprentice’s Jackie Fast explains THAT project manager decision

Warning: contains spoilers for the most recent Apprentice episode

Jackie Fast, The Apprentice

As a candidate on The Apprentice, Jackie Fast gifted viewers an outrageous air hostess outfit, several impressive sales and many many questions about her ever-changing accent (in case you were wondering, she’s Canadian).


However, to many viewers the recently-fired candidate will always be remembered for her project manager tactics, pushing others forward for the treacherous role while standing back herself.

Not only did she recommend Jasmine take hold of the girls’ team in the first task, but the recent shopping channel challenge also saw Jackie push Tom into the PM position.

But now that Jackie’s been fired, will she finally admit she put Tom – a candidate on his final warning – in the role to save herself in case her team lost? Was this purely a tactical move once again?

“100% not!” she told RadioTimes.com. “It does come across like that, but [I did it because] nobody f***ing said anything!

“In the first week, there was silence when we had to decide a project manager. And in the Tom task, everybody put themselves forward and then there was silence.

“I was the only person to say something to move s*** along, basically. Tom also gets on the best with everybody. I value the harmoniousness of the team over putting myself forward.”

She added: “I don’t care if people think I was tactical or manipulative. What I care about is that the right person is the project manager and we move forward!”

However, as it turned out, Tom would have made for a terrible fall guy anyway. After losing the task, Lord Sugar immediately fired the tree surgeon before also eliminating Jackie – for being too good.

“Jackie, I have no qualms about you being able to run a business because you’ve done it before. My only concern is if I’d be able to enjoy it. Because what I do enjoy is the acorn to oak tree scenario,” Sugar explained. “I think you’re already a semi-oak tree.”

It may seem strange for firing somebody for being too capable, but Jackie says she wasn’t surprised by his decision.

“I 100% thought I was going to get fired for that reason. Well, for that or the times earlier in the process I was an idiot,” she said. “[The Apprentice is] a huge opportunity for people that might otherwise not be able to get an investment like somebody from Lord Sugar. I guessed that.

“Could you imagine the uproar in the country if I won?” she laughs. “I’d have people throwing stones at me in the streets!”

So, why did she bother to apply to the show in the first place? The reason’s simple. “I wanted to gain experience,” she said.

“I’ve never had to fight for much really. This was a great opportunity and a humbling one really. I did that at the risk of coming across like an idiot.”

Nope, we’ve no idea what you’re talking about, Jackie.


The Apprentice continues on BBC1 at 9pm on Wednesdays

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