Rahul Mandal’s most Rahul Bake Off moments

Raise a glass of milk to the "Little Genius", the winner of the 2018 series and the most loveable Bake Off character in years

Rahul Bake Off screenshot (EH, C4)

In these fraught and uncertain times, Rahul Mandal has been a slice of uncomplicated loveliness on The Great British Bake Off every Tuesday evening.


For the past ten weeks, the Rotherham-based research scientist has melted viewers’ hearts with his masterful creations, self-deprecation and preoccupation with roaming pheasants.

He apologised his way to the final, and – following an incredible comeback in the last ever showstopper challenge in which his work table was covered in smashed glass – Rahul was eventually crowned the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2018.

We’re going to miss him and his idiosyncrasies very dearly, so we’ve compiled a list of Rahul’s greatest moments on the show, below.

You’re welcome.

Rahul’s best moments

Rahul received the highest honour in Cake Week when he claimed what Paul Hollywood called the first EVER showstopper Hollywood Handshake – and he took the Star Baker title, too.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the look of pure bliss on Rahul’s face. He was beyond ecstatic. He later described the handshake as “very surreal”.

Rahul was then crowned Star Baker for the second time in a row during Bread Week but, more importantly, was very occupied with a couple of pheasants in the Bake Off grounds…

That same week, we also discovered that Rahul bakes to make friends, and what an unforgettable moment it was as he walked into Rotherham Leisure Centre to deliver a cake to the staff/his newest friends.

In Dessert Week, we learned the secret ingredient to Rahul’s gloriousness: milk.

Milk made a comeback in the final, of course it did. Turns out we should all give it a go?

Rahul “Little Genius” Mandal was on such a high in Spice Week that his baking talents actually began to irritate Paul Hollywood, so he apologised for being too good. Classic.

And we thoroughly enjoyed his numerous existential crises throughout the competition…

Rahul’s constant state of confusion whenever conversing with Noel Fielding has been entertaining, too…

But Rahul reached peak Rahul in the final, when we were shown a photograph of him aged nine standing outside the Taj Mahal dressed in the killer combo of high-waisted brown cords and and socks and sandals.

And his relationship with his best pals David and Liz was just too much to handle.


Congratulations, Rahul. Never change.