What do those cryptic clues in the Stranger Things teaser tell us?

What is Lynx Corp? What is SilverCatFeeds? And what blue and yellow will meet in the west?

Stranger Things

Stranger Things 3 is coming. Netflix recently announced that the third season of the much-awaited horror drama will drop on 4th July 2019.


And better still, the streaming service revealed this news in a very intriguing video, one that might contain several clues about upcoming episodes.

The short announcement clip shows footage of annual US TV celebration Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, as the clocks count down to 1985, intercut with text on a retro green-on-black VDU computer screen.

And it’s these cryptic phrases that might reveal some major clues. Here are the best theories…

“When blue and yellow meet in the west”

Stranger Things trailer screenshot

This phrase might seem like nonsense, but it’s actually one that some fans have seen before.

In October 2018, the show released a special behind-the-scenes companion book which contained a few lines of morse code that were quickly translated by the Reddit community. Here’s what they said…

Page 22: the week is long

Page 62: the silver cat feeds

Page 79: when blue and yellow meet

Page 80: in the west

Page 172: a trip to china sounds nice

Page 209: if you tread lightly

Okay, it still doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, the same Redditors also spotted this could be a reference to the show’s previous Starcourt Mall trailer: about 38 seconds into the teaser, you can see a shot of a clock with blue and yellow hands.

Will something important happens when these hands first meet in the west of the clock face (8:44pm – or 3.15pm if you flip the clock UpsideDown)?

Or could the blue and yellow refer to Mike and Eleven? In a recently-released poster for the third season, Eleven wears blue while Mike is seen in a yellow shirt.

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However, if the “blue” and “yellow” do refer to these characters, then what does “west” refer to? Does it point to Will in the poster – a character wearing both blue and yellow? Are those characters all in danger?

Lynx Corp

LynxCorp, Stranger Things

The next glimpse of the VDU screen appears to show somebody accessing a terminal at “Lynx Corp” before running the programme SilverCatFeeds.exe.

What’s Lynx Corp? It could be a code name for Russia, with Lynxes being wild cats found in the country. At first this might sound a tad farfetched, but remember Stranger Things is set during the Cold War and Eleven was instructed to spy on Soviet meetings by Dr Brenner in the show’s first season.

Plus, as some have pointed out on Twitter, the Russian word for Eleven (“одиннадцать”) also appears in the background of the airdate video.

Is the Cold War connection about to resurface?


So, what exactly is the Silver Cat referred to in the computer text? The Mindflayer? Dr Brenner (more of a silver fox)? An unseen creature from the Upside Down? A new virus? At this point nobody is quite sure, but we’re still hoping it’s a reference to Dustin’s cat who was eaten by Dart in season 2 (RIP, Mews).


Stranger Things season 3 will be released 4th July 2019

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