Meet the cast of Holby City

Who are the doctors and nurses manning the wards of Holby City Hospital?

Holby City cast, BBC Pictures

Plenty of faces have strolled in and out of the doors of Holby City Hospital during the two decades the medical drama has been on screen. But who are the current doctors and nurses tending to the sick and wounded?


Meet the cast of Holby City below…

Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher (played by Alex Walkinshaw)

Fletch in Holby City, BBC Pictures

Who is Fletch? Fletch is an ex-car salesman, now Head of Nursing at Holby City Hospital. Dedicated to his job, he prefers to get involved in his scrubs and lead from the front-line – and he’s your go-to man for advice. Fletch is a single parent with four kids but that hasn’t stopped him romancing a number of female colleagues, most recently Jac Naylor.

What else has Alex Walkinshaw been in?

Alex Walkinshaw guest-starred three times in The Bill between 1992 and 1995, before landing the regular role of PC Dale Smith, which he played from 1999 to 2010. He’s also appeared in Waterloo Road from 2011-2012 as PE teacher Jeremy Diamond, and in 2012 joined Casualty as Fletch, before transferring to Holby City as a regular in 2014.

Jac Naylor (played by Rosie Marcel)

Jac Naylor in Holby City, BBC Pictures

Who is Jac Naylor? Jac Naylor is Darwin ward’s determined Head of Cardiothoracics. She may come across as emotionless, but those who get to know her find she’s more than a ‘tiger mother’ to her daughter, Emma. She’s recently shared some chemistry with Fletch, but Jac has put the brakes on the budding romance.  She will work herself into the ground to get the job done and go the distance for causes she believes in.

What else has Rosie Marcel been in?

Jac Naylor is Rosie Marcel’s biggest role to date since joining Holby City in 2005; she has also played the character in a number of episodes of sister show Casualty. At the age of three, Marcel appeared in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the National Theatre which led to her appearing in Press Gang and Days Like These. She appeared in a handful of episodes on The Bill, with her character dating Dale Smith (played by her Holby co-star Alex Walkinshaw).

Henrik Hanssen (played by Guy Henry)

Henrik Hanssen in Holby City, BBC Pictures

Who is Henrik Hanssen? Henrik Hanssen is the Swedish-born CEO of Holby City Hospital and a Consultant General Surgeon. He has led the hospital through a number of crises during his tenure but recently took time off to address his mental health. Henrik has previously tried to conceal details his family life as he views it as a sign of weakness.

What else has Guy Henry been in?

Guy Henry has had a prolific career in theatre, on TV and in film. His main stage work has been with the RSC from 1991 to 2013, appearing in Hamlet, Twelfth Night and more. Film fans might recognise him as Pius Thicknesse in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and his voice from playing Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One (read more about how he filmed his groundbreaking Star Wars role). Henry joined the regular cast of Holby City in 2010.

Ric Griffin (played by Hugh Quarshie)

Ric Griffin in Holby City, BBC Pictures

Who is Ric Griffin? Ric Griffin is a Consultant General Surgeon and Clinical Lead on Keller in Holby City Hospital. Ric will take on anything if he believes it and is an idealistic campaigner. His colleagues see him as a selfless medical hero and a confident leader – but his private life has been rocky, with a string of broken marriages and damaged family relationships.

What else has Hugh Quarshie been in?

Hugh Quarshie has appeared in many RSC stage productions, however he is best known for appearences in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Highlander and episodes of Doctor Who, Medics and The Tomorrow People. Quarshie is the longest-serving cast member on Holby City having played the role of Ric for 17 years.

Sacha Levy (played by Bob Barrett)

Sasha Levy in Holby City, BBC Pictures

Who is Sacha Levy? Sacha Levy is a Consultant General Surgeon and Clinical Skills Tutor at Holby City Hospital. He is seen as kind and loveable and is liked by his colleagues. A family man, he has three children and is twice divorced and was once in a relationship with colleague Essie. Sacha would do anything for those he is close to.

What else has Bob Barrett been in?

Bob Barrett is best known for his role as Sacha Levy in Holby City. He started his stage career in 1991 and has more than 30 credits to his name in the West End and around the UK.

Serena Campbell (played by Catherine Russell)

Serena Campbell in Holby City, BBC Pictures

Who is Serena Campbell? Serena Campbell is a Consultant General Surgeon and Joint Clinical Lead on the Acute Admissions Unit at Holby City Hospital. Professional and undaunted by change, she is a high achiever and is tough on the younger doctors – although very protective of her nephew Jason.

What else has Catherine Russell been in?

Catherine Russell is best known for playing Serena Campbell, joining Holby City back in 2012. She has appeared in many theatre productions across the country, including the West End, and has had a number of TV roles – from Inspector Lynley Mysteries to The Cazalets.

Estelle ‘Essie’ Di Lucca (played by Kaye Wragg)

Essie de Lucca in Holby City, BBC Pictures

Who is Essie Di Lucca? Essie Di Lucca is a Nurse and Transplant Co-ordinator at Holby City Hospital. Essie always puts the patients first when negotiating the difficult healthcare system. Essie was in a long-term relationship with Sacha Levy, but eventually got married to Rafaello ‘Raf’ Di Lucca (played by Strictly winner Joe McFadden). Sadly their happiness was short-lived as Raf was later shot and died of his injuries.

What else has Kaye Wragg been in?

Kaye Wragg is best known for her role as Sergeant Diane Noble in The Bill, before joining Holby City in 2015. She’s appeared in a couple of Casualty/Holby City crossovers, and has starred in The Lakes, No Angels and The Sins, plus guest roles in TV shows No Offence, Death in Paradise and Silent Witness.

Dominic Copeland (played by David Ames)

Dominic Copeland in Holby City, BBC Pictures

Who is Dominic Copeland? Dominic Copeland is a Clinical Registrar at Holby City Hospital. A generous, gifted doctor with a good sense of humour, he’s been through a lot. Recently he married Ben ‘Lofty’ Chiltern after suffering an abusive relationship with registrar Isaac Mayfield and finding out he is adopted.

What else has David Ames been in?

David Ames is best known for his role as Dominic Copeland in Holby City which he initially played as a guest character before joining as a regular cast member in 2014. Ames has also appeared in an episode of Doctor Who.

Ben ‘Lofty’ Chiltern (played by Lee Mead)


Who is Lofty? Lofty is a Staff Nurse at Holby City Hospital. Well-liked due to his kindness, humour and bedside manner, Lofty is also slightly clumsy. He recently married Dominic Copeland – although they are now facing some relationship problems.

What else has Lee Mead been in?

Lee Mead first found fame on BBC talent contest Any Dream Will Do which he won, landing him the lead role as Joseph in the 2007 West End production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He has also starred in a number of other musicals, including Wicked and Legally Blonde. Mead has also released solo albums and toured in the UK and Japan. In 2014, Mead joined Casualty before becoming a regular on Holby City in 2017.

Donna Jackson (played by Jaye Jacobs)

Donna Jackson in Holby City, BBC Pictures

Who is Donna Jackson? Donna Jackson is a Senior Staff Nurse at Holby City Hospital. She has recently returned from a five-year break which she spent looking after her two girls. At the moment she is in a relationship with Xavier Duval.

What else has Jaye Jacobs been in?

Jaye Jacobs is best known for playing Donna since 2011, reprising the role in 2017. She has also played Sian Diamond in Waterloo Road and Amber in Millie Inbetween and voiced Amaya in the fifth episode of the Games of Thrones video game.

Nicky McKendrick (played by Belinda Owusu)

Nicky Mckendrick in Holby City, BBC Pictures

Who is Nicky McKendrick? Nicky Mckendrick is an F2 Junior Doctor at Holby City Hospital. She is known for her hard partying and often turns up to work with a hangover. She gets by on the wards but rarely goes above and beyond, leaving her boss Jac Naylor unimpressed.

What else has Belinda Owusu been in?

Prior to her role in Holby City, Belinda played Denise Fox’s daughter Libby in EastEnders from 2006-2010.

Xavier Duval (played by Marcus Griffiths)

Xavier Duval in Holby City, BBC Pictures

Who is Xavier Duval? Xavier Duval is a Specialist Trainee 5 Doctor at Holby City Hospital. He is very competitive and a good surgeon, but his immaturity and childishness doesn’t always endear him to others. Xavier is in a relationship with Donna Jackson

What else has Marcus Griffiths been in?

Before joining Holby City in 2018, Griffiths appeared in episodes of Endeavour, Father Brown and Versailles. He has also acted in a number of plays for the RSC, including King Lear, Cymberline and Hamlet.


Holby City airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1