Ray is arrested on EastEnders after CHOKING Mel

But the storyline isn't finished yet...

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Duplicitous Ray Kelly (Sean Mahon) has been arrested on suspicion of bigamy at the climax of an hour-long New Year’s Day episode of EastEnders.


Ray had just tied the knot with bride Mel (Tamzin Outhwaite) when police officers – accompanied by Ray’s other wives Nicola and Maddie – turned up on the steps of the church. A cliffhanger scene then found the conniving Mr Kelly being led away in handcuffs.

Earlier in the day, Ray had been seen confronting Mel after discovering that she knew all about his other lives. In a heated showdown, the undercover copper strangled his bride-to-be with the veil of her wedding dress and left her on the living room floor before heading off to his nuptials.

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However, the con artist-turned-killer was left startled when Mel arrived at the ceremony and told Ray in secret that she’d show everyone the bruises on her throat if he didn’t marry her. Mel claimed that she wanted to fleece Ray of his money, though her scheme appears to have now been scuppered thanks to the arrival of the police.

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Viewers will now have to wait until Thursday at 7.30pm to see the repercussions of Ray’s arrest, though a trailer recently released by the BBC has hinted that we haven’t seen the last of Mel’s new husband.

Sneak peek footage seems to show a nighttime woodland stand-off that results in Mel being hit by a car. So is someone going to end up with blood on their hands? Will Ray wreak his revenge? And might Hunter come to his mum’s aid?


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