Meet the cast of The Loch

Siobhan Finneran and Laura Fraser star in the new six-part series on ITV

Don Gilet – Blake Albrighton



Who does he play? Blake Albrighton is a flirtatious, intelligent, arrogant forensic psychologist with a bestselling book to his name. Due to the unusual nature of the murder, he has been brought onto the case by DCI Quigley. Not everyone is a fan.

Where have I seen him before? Don Gilet played Lucas Johnson on EastEnders, a Jekyll-and-Hyde character who recently made a comeback after a six-year absence. He has also starred in Brief Encounters and Holby City.

Murray Fraser – PC Jason Denny


Who does he play? PC Jason Denny is a young officer on the force, and certainly not the brightest. Still, he’s eager to learn and his heart is in the right place.

Where have I seen him before? Murray Fraser is a newcomer to TV, so you probably haven’t.

Alastair Mackenzie – Craig Petrie 


Who does he play? Craig Petrie is the head of Lochnafoy college and an accomplished academic. However, he can tend towards arrogance.

Where have I seen him before? Alastair Mackenzie recently played Jamie Moore in the Cold Feet revival. In acclaimed BBC series Wolf Hall he was William Brereton, while in Borgen he played Jeremy Welsh. Back in the early noughties he was best known to TV viewers as Archie MacDonald in Monarch of the Glen.

William Ash – Leighton Thomas


Who does he play? Leighton Thomas is the town’s only former offender. He is a frustrated man seeking rehabilitation in a small community, but these tragic events make him a prime suspect.

Where have I seen him before? Recently William Ash has starred in the TV series Paranoid and The Tunnel. He played Christopher Mead in Waterloo Road, and several years ago was in Clocking Off alongside his The Loch co-star Siobhan Finneran.

Jack Bannon – Kieran Whitehead 


Who does he play? Kieran is one of Evie’s friends from the local sixth form college. He is quick-witted, good-looking and caring, but has a secret: at home he must help his mother Bea take care of his bedridden brother, who is suffering from locked-in syndrome. Evie has a crush on him.


Where have I seen him before? Jack Bannon recently starred as James Buxton in the successful min-series Clique. He played Sam Thursday in Endeavour, and has also been on the big screen in The Imitation Game (with Benedict Cumberbatch) and Kids in Love (with Will Poulter and Cara Delevingne).