Derren Brown shares homophobic letter received in response to his book Tricks of the Mind

The TV illusionist jovially refers to the message from an apparent Christian fundamentalist as "my favourite letter I've ever received"

Derren Brown holding a letter

TV illusionist Derren Brown has made public “my favourite letter I’ve ever received” – and it’s a bracing demonstration of what happens when someone with highly questionable attitudes also finds himself with rather too much time on his hands…


The author, who signs himself as Soloman Umbagwi of The Evangelical Allience of Life (sic), complains that Derren’s book Tricks of the Mind makes mention of a homosexual act – and goes on to list a number of other supposed sexual references in the book, by typing each one in CAPITAL LETTERS.

He also accuses Derren, who is gay, of “sexual deviense” (dodgy moralising may be Mr Umbagwi’s strong point, but spelling clearly is not).

Derren – or “Darren”, as Mr Umbagwi would have it – is clearly taking what could be seen as a rather homophobic letter with a pinch of salt and even reveals he has it “up on my wall”.


If words like “muff”, “bugger” or the C-word offend you, probably best not to read the letter. And if bad spelling offends you, you really should look away now…