Who is the nation’s favourite TV news presenter?

Vote for your favourite male and female news presenters from the list of the 20 best broadcasters


Today’s top story: Radio Times is on the hunt for the UK’s favourite news presenter.


We’re looking for the ultimate anchor: the newsreader with the voice, the charm and the calm charisma that makes the best bulletin.

There’s plenty of faces to pick from, but we’ve narrowed down the nation’s newsrooms to a 20-strong shortlist (10 men, 10 women). If you’re hesitating to put your tick in a box then check out a reminder of each presenter below.

Huw Edwards (BBC)

The man of the News at 10, Edwards and his commanding welsh voice have presented BBC1’s news since 2003. Plus, after 2020, the veteran anchor will takeover the Beeb’s election night coverage from David Dimbleby. So yes, Edwards is kind of a big deal.

Sophie Raworth (BBC)

Authoritative yet kind. Fun yet firm. Raworth’s perfect pitch has kept her on our boxes since the turn of the Millennium.

George Alagiah (BBC)

The most likely on this list to crack a smile during a sign off, Alagiah has brightened up BBC1’s Six O’Clock News since 2007. A warm face with precise diction.

Tom Bradby (ITV)

Tom Bradby on ITV News at Ten
Tom Bradby on ITV News at Ten (YouTube screen grab, FT)

Tom Bradby is laid-back. Seriously laid-back. Ever since he became lead anchor on ITV’s News at 10 last year, his ever-relaxed tone has spruced up the channel’s bulletins. A very cool cookie.

Simon McCoy (BBC)

He’s the regular presenter of BBC’s News at One, but you’ll probably know McCoy from one of newsreading’s greatest gaffes: mistaking a ream of paper for an iPad. Ever the pro, McCoy just rolls with it.

Julie Etchingham (ITV)

The General Election on ITV © ITN

The first woman to be named Royal Television Society Presenter of the Year,  Etchingham’s slo-mo and slightly hypnotic delivery makes sure every detail is received loud and clear.

Alastair Stewart (ITV)

ITN’s stern face man of afternoon news, Stewart’s one of the most trusted men on the box. He also made history in 2010 after chairing the UK’s first prime ministerial TV debate (the ‘I agree with Nick’ one).

Cathy Newman (Channel 4)

Newman just doesn’t present the news, she’s making it, forever investigating the murky underside of Westminster. However, she’s also not afraid to let out her fun side. Or do Gangnam style on air.

Mark Austin (ITV)

Serious or silly, Austin can do either. Sometimes at the same time, as one  embarrassing guff shows. But no matter what he’s reporting, he’ll always do it with that firm voice of conviction. Except when he’s being to compared to Prince Charles after the monarch’s weather report…

Kay Burley (Sky News)

The marmite of the news-reading world. Some say she’s brilliantly intimidating. Other say a tad too cringe-inducing. The final verdict? It’s up to you.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy (Channel 4)

Although starting his career at the BBC, Guru-Murthy became a household name at Channel 4. In particular, for his, shall we say, confrontational interviewing style.

Sian Williams (5 news)

You know her best for creating the cosy atmosphere that doubled BBC Breakfast’s audience from 2004 to 2011. However, she’s now bringing out her serious side as captain of 5 News.

Jon Snow (Channel 4)

Since becoming the friendly face of Channel 4 News, Snow’s calm presenting has won him a string of awards, including the Richard Dimbleby Bafta award for Best Factual Contribution to Television in 2005. However, he’ll be remembered for years to come for his face-to-face encounter with the other Jon Snow.

Fiona Bruce (BBC)

Now in her 17th year presenting at the BBC, Bruce is still at the helm of the newsroom. Her breaking news manner: firm and welcoming. Her Comic Relief dance style: jazzy.

Dermot Murnaghan (Sky News)

Today he’s the presenter of Sky’s afternoon slot, but before 2007 he was at the forefront of BBC’s News at Six and 10. Stern. Solid. A great all-rounder.

Gillian Joseph (Sky News)

Prior to joining Sky News, Gillian’s fresh and authoritative approach was a key feature of BBC 24’s coverage. She’s not adverse to having a giggle on air either…

Adam Boulton (Sky News)

Unlike Murnaghan, Boulton’s been at Sky News quite a while. 27 years, if you want to be picky about it. The man’s such a pro he’s able to swallow a fly on air and keep reporting without a cough – the gold standard of any presenter.

Kate Silverton (BBC)

Calm and collected, Silverton brings a likeable headteacher quality to BBC News at One, Six and Ten. Also, the only presenter on this list to regularly wear glasses on screen, if that wins any points with you.

Matt Barbet (5 News)

At 40-years-old, Barbet’s the youngest man on this list. However, he’s also one of the leading presenters of Channel 5’s news coverage. His welcoming tone sound familiar? That’s because he used to read the news on Sara Cox’s Breakfast Show.


Charlene White (ITV)

At 36, she’s the youngest newsreader on all the list, yet White’s confident manner means she’s already made herself a cornerstone of ITV News weekend bulletins.