Torchwood’s best references to Doctor Who

From Vote Saxon posters to Cyberwomen, we've collected together some classic references for your approval...


Before it became a show in its own right, before even Nu Who aired in 2005, Torchwood was a reference to Doctor Who; with the word being an anagram of its title, and a codename for the show used during Doctor Who’s production. 


It’s hardly any surprise then that when Torchwood did actually become a fully-formed adult spin-off from Doctor Who in 2006, the show carried a fair fews references over from its source material. So, naturally, have collected together some of the best of these references – from the on-the-nose obvious to those buried in the background for only the most eagle-eyed to spot. References like… 

“Vote Saxon” (Captain Jack Harkness) 

Yep, while the Doctor and Martha Jones were off gallivanting around time and space in Doctor Who series three, Torchwood was stuck on Earth, unaware that they were living through the election campaign of the Master, AKA Harold Saxon.

“Bad Wolf” (Captain Jack Harkness) 


And that’s not the only remnant of the Doctor Who universe hanging around the walls. It seems that Rose’s pesky Bad Wolf graffiti (just to the left of Jack) still hasn’t been cleaned up, which surely warrants a complaint to the local council.