Who does Keanu Reeves play in Always Be My Maybe?

The John Wick star features in Netflix's latest romcom alongside Ali Wong and Randall Park

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Netflix’s latest romcom Always Be My Maybe has a brilliant and shocking cameo from John Wick himself, Keanu Reeves.


The action star made his breakthrough in a comedy – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – but since then he has tended towards films with machine guns, horses and massive budgets, save for the odd indie.

So, it’s quite remarkable that Randall Park and Ali Wong – the writers of the film who also star as two childhood friends who reunite after 16 years of estrangement – managed to sign him on for a role in their Netflix comedy.

Who does Keanu Reeves play in Always Be My Maybe?

Keanu Reeves plays… Keanu Reeves! Well, a heavily fictionalised, satirical version of himself, and it is AMAZING.

This Keanu wears custom Tom Ford suits and glasses without lenses, and eats at restaurants that serve dishes that “play with the concept of time”.

He comes into the story after Ali Wong’s Sasha breaks up with her fiancé (Daniel Dae Kim), who has decided to travel to India and see other people rather than get married to her. She meets Keanu at a wrap party, and the two have “insane, freaky-ass sex”.

He is then introduced to Randall Park’s Marcus at a ridiculous fancy restaurant where the two butt heads, before heading back to an after-party in Reeves’ house that gets out of hand.

It’s a very self-aware performance, and one that solidifies Keanu as the most interesting and affable movie star of 2019.


Always Be My Maybe will be released on Netflix on Friday 31st May