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Unicorn Store – Netflix movie review: "Brie Larson offers a nice balance of charm and deadpan humour"

The Captain Marvel star directs herself in a quirky comedy about a young woman whose childhood dreams may become a reality

Published: Wednesday, 27th March 2019 at 11:37 am


Do you like films that are quirky and whimsical? If the answer is "no", Unicorn Store probably isn't for you. But If it's a "yes", then this fanciful comedy drama is certainly worth a look.


Brie Larson (here making her directorial feature debut) stars as Kit, a childlike young woman who is kicked out of art school. After taking a temp job at a dreary office, she receives a mysterious invitation to "The Store", where "The Salesman" (Samuel L Jackson) offers to give her what she’s always wanted: a unicorn.

Should Kit chase her childhood dream? Or is it time to embrace adulthood? The film supports both viewpoints, so the core message is mixed.

Still, Larson offers a nice balance of charm and deadpan humour ("You don’t want to be a temp for ever, do you?").

Unicorn Store won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s an endearing film about the difficulties of growing up.


Unicorn Store arrives on Netflix on 5 April


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