Timothée Chalamet reluctantly assumes the throne in the first trailer for Netflix’s The King

The star plays Henry V in the upcoming Oscars-tipped Shakespeare adaptation

The King - Steven Elder, Timothée Chalamet, Sean Harris - Photo Credit: Netflix

The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming historical drama The King, which stars Timothée Chalamet in his first major leading role, has been released.


It introduces us to Chalamet’s Hal, a young English prince who is forced to assume the throne and become King Henry V after his father passes away, and his mentor John Falstaff, an alcoholic knight played by Joel Edgerton, who lends him counsel. “A king has no friends,” Falstaff tells him, when Hal appeals to him for support. “A king has only followers and foe.”

Check it out below.

The King also stars Robert Pattinson, Ben Mendelsohn and Lily-Rose Depp, who will play his nemesis The Dauphin, his father (King Henry IV) and his Queen-in-waiting Catherine.

The film is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s plays Henry IV parts 1& 2 and Henry V, written by Edgerton and director David Michod. It will explore King Henry V’s reign, as he attempts to navigate political life, a war with France, and, by the looks of things, puberty. Tough break.


The King will be released on Netflix later this year