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This writer live tweeted Bill Murray's visit to the Groundhog Day musical and it was magical

But the question is: will he go and see it over and over again?

Published: Wednesday, 9th August 2017 at 11:37 am

Bill Murray can never escape from Groundhog Day. Sure, the end of the 1993 movie may have made it seem like he'd escaped from the cycle of repeating the same day every day - but the actor has now experienced the whole thing all over again. At least this time it was voluntary.


Goundhog Day the Musical is now in Broadway after a successful London run, so Murray - who starred as world-weary and arrogant weatherman Phil Connors - decided to see it for the first time. 

Luckily he loved it. And even more luckily, New York Times writer Sopan Deb was on hand to tweet out this excellent thread.

First up, Murray arrived at the theatre. It was very exciting.

Then he made his way quietly inside.

Early signs were good.

Murray really came into his own during the interval...

Either he loved it or hated it, because there were tears.


Okay, so the tears were good tears. Phew.


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