If you've ever felt smug about successfully putting up a shelf or changing a lightbulb, this DIY project will make you feel pretty inadequate. A Harry Potter super fan on Reddit has created a working version of the Weasley family clock, which stood in their living room at The Burrow and pointed to where each member of the family was at any given time.


"I made a digital version of the Weasley Clock for my parents," wrote the DIY genius. "Everyone in the family creates locational rules on their phones, and it updates whenever they enter a specified radius!"

But how did he do it? Well, as the fan explains, they began by picking up an old broken clock at an antique store and drawing out the specifications for a pal they knew could make them.


The result was this very nifty looking clock, which we think you'll all agree looks pretty magical.


But how does it actually work?

Via an app that can detect your location and send a message to the magical mechanisms inside the clock, of course.


"I used IFTTT (If This Then That) to define radii that would send messages to the Photon if my phone entered or exited them. (I would later walk the other 5 members of my family through the same process.)", the creator writes.

"Most of the rules are location-based (setting me to WORK if I enter my university library, HOME if I enter my dorm), but you can set other triggers too (set me to HOLIDAY if the forecast calls for snow, set me to MORTAL PERIL if the stock of the company I'll be working for next year drops too low)."

Add in some LED lighting and... VOILA!



While it's very cool, it doesn't exactly allow for any 'space', though, does it? Your family knowing where you are at all times... well, it's enough to make us want to run off to wizarding school.