This connection between Home Alone and Friends has blown our minds

An eagle-eyed viewer has spotted an incredible crossover


Friends and Home Alone don’t have much in common. One is a late nineties/early noughties sitcom about a group of friends in New York, the other follows a youngster left by himself to wreak havoc on a pair of would-be burglars.


But it turns out they share one very crucial similarity…

Remember in the final series of Friends when Monica and Chandler move out of their (frankly awesome, rent-controlled) Manhattan apartment to a spacious home out in the ‘burbs? You know, this one:


And remember in Home Alone how Kevin’s house is absolutely gigantic leaving us all wandering what exactly Peter McCallister does for a living and how we can do it too?


Well, it turns out they’re the same house. Bear with us a second…

Pay close attention to the episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler show Joey their new pad and you’ll see a view out of the living room window to the house across the street. It’s blue and has a wreath across the door. Oh, and it’s identical to the one opposite the McCallister digs in Home Alone.

Friends used some stock footage and got away with it… until now.

Don’t believe us? Take a look here…


Mind. Blown.