The next James Bond film has a release date

But will Daniel Craig return as 007 in the 25th Bond movie?


The next James Bond film has a release date – but fans have a long wait before they’ll get to see it.


The as yet untitled 25th outing for 007 will be released on 8th November 2019 in the US, with a “traditional earlier release” in the UK and internationally, according to producers.

Looking at the UK v US release dates for Skyfall and Spectre, it seems likely that British Bond fans will be able to see the 25th movie in the franchise a full two weeks before it makes its way across the Atlantic, which would mean a date of around Thursday 25th October 2019.

The question that remains is, will Daniel Craig be back as Bond? Both director and cast are yet to be confirmed but the sharing of an official release date will only fuel speculation that Craig could return.

After Spectre, the actor initially joked in an interview that he’d “rather slash his wrists” than play the secret service spy yet again, saying he was only doing it for the money and didn’t “give a f**k” who would take on the role of 007 next.


But later he reserved the right to change his mind, explaining that he had been overtired before the interview.

And it seems he really has had a re-think, with the New York Times reporting that the star’s return is a “done deal”.


The script for the new movie will be penned by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the long-established duo who have been a key part of the writing team for the last six Bond movies – that is, every single one since 1999. The producers will be Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.