There are already plans for a film about the Thai cave rescue

12 boys and their football coach were saved from a flooded cave after being trapped for 17 days – and now their experience could be made into a film

Thailand Cave Rescue For Trapped Soccer Team (Getty, EH)

The whole world looked on in awe as an extraordinary rescue mission was carried out to save 12 boys and their football coach from a flooded cave in Thailand, after they were trapped underground for 17 days.


And on Tuesday, the very same day that the last of the boys emerged from the cave, a US film studio announced that it is seeking the rights to make a movie about the rescue mission.

The boys and their coach survived underground by drinking water dripping down the cave walls and, in a complex, three-day operation, rescue divers guided the group – some of whom couldn’t swim – out of the cave through pitch-black, flooded passageways.

If it can secure the rights to the story, Pure Flix Entertainment plans to make a film about the great escape, with the company’s managing partner Michael Scott explaining that he has a personal connection to the project because he has been assisting in rescue efforts at Chiang Rai for the past four days.

Scott also said that his wife grew up with the former Thai navy diver who died while delivering the group air tanks, when he ran out of oxygen himself.

Speaking at the scene of the cave, Scott said: “I could not be more excited. This story has meant so much to me as I followed it… To see all that heroic bravery in the cave and then to get all the divers out has been such a touching event.”

Scott added: “We’re here looking at this as a movie that could inspire millions of people across the globe.”


Pure Flix has produced numerous faith-based movies, including the God’s Not Dead films and The Case for Christ.