Daniel Radcliffe may be best known for playing Harry Potter, but taking to the stage at this year's Comic-Con to talk about his upcoming flick Horns, we learnt a few new things about the star...

1. In Horns Radcliffe's character Ig is accused of murdering his girlfriend, and overnight strange horns begin to grow out of his head. But when he needed to hop in a vehicle to make a getaway, well, it turns out Radcliffe hadn't driven a car before.

2. Then, when he did eventually come to drive for the first time in the film (after some lessons), he had to do so with a python wrapped around his neck.

3. The actor credits his ability to do an American accent by always giving his action figures an American accent when he played with them as a kid.

4. Listening to Metallica and Megadeth apparently also helped.

5. Radcliffe wasn't too worried about being typecast after Harry Potter - that was until everyone in the media kept asking him if his best years were behind him.

6. Starring on stage in Equus, Radcliffe says, was his way of proving his intent to break the mould.

Radcliffe then enjoyed his debut at Comic-Con by running around dressed as Spider-Man.

Plus, fans got to see the brand new poster: